Me working on a physical model for a residential project in Cardiff, Wales.


Zhunuss is a multidisciplinary design studio that works across architecture, fashion , branding and interior design. I am particularly interested in helping small businesses achieving their commercial goals through creative solutions revolving around spaces, objects, visuals and clothing. 

Discover my influences, inspirations, resources, process and anything that often gets hidden behind the scenes. My visual diary feed shares my journey, so that you can get familiar with the person you may be working with. 

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Still from a campaign for my fashion brand onetohundred which specializes in custom workwear clothing for small businesses

Render view of the internal courtyard for a residential complex in Germany. 


The work is categorized by scale. Inspired by the "Power of Ten" - a video by Eames Office, the projects are filtered by the area size - from 1 sqm to 10000 sqm

Views study animation for a landscape design in Kazakhstan. 


Discover my values and the way I run my projects. Explore the particulars and insights through my "behind the scenes" photos.

Sketches for a community nursery in Cardiff. 


Exploded axonometric diagram for an interior layout for a multipurpose boat for hire in London. 

Animation for a multipurpose boat for hire in London. 


The best way to understand my working process is through case studies. Let me show you a case study in each direction I am specialized in.


Custom made shelving system for small business owner who works from home in London. 

grid timeline impulse stretch words.jpg

Timeline graphic for a urban design event in Berlin. 

Get updates on things that interest me, on my current projects, collaborations and anything that makes me love what I do. 

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Comics graphic for a research paper in Kazakhstan.