End to end production service


We understand, that a design project is never a one man show, and can often involve a large team of specialists. It usually takes time, effort and plenty of research before you can finally gather a right group for your project. 

Zhunuss studios does not only offer design services for its clients, but also engages with the production side of the project. When the conceptual framework is formed, we take the responsibility of outsourcing the right specialists and materials for the project's realization. 


Sourcing fabric for Churchill Hoodie


CNC material collection for DDD home workspace 


Material sampling with client over whatsapp


Sewing atelier in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Working on the CAUKIN sweatshirt


Embroidery studio in South London, picking up clothes for Churchill Hoodie


Pattern cutting for CAUKIN sweatshirt

Bringing DDD workspace to varnishing

Research based design


Even before we start developing a project brief for the client, we thoroughly study anything related to the project: context, users, biographies, materials, craft, ideology, identity, concept and etc. 

The difference between brief writing and creative research is the type of information we gather. The project brief often covers pragmatic and straight forward requirements, where as the research takes an unconventional approach, where we host interviews with clients, ask for diary entries, study the workflow, undertake thorough contextual analysis of the area, analyse campaign slogans and etc. We always engage in a deeper conversation in order to get the most tailored outcome.


1:1 prototype for travelling theatre competition

giphy (1).gif

Acoustic experiments for architecture competition

Virtual reality tour for virtual installation


Conceptual study for a residential project in Germany

Material study for installation

View coverage analysis for landscape design project in Almaty, Kazakhstan


Sun hours analysis for landscape project in Spain


Prototype review for CAUKIN sweatshirt

Total experience


Inspired by Wagner's total artwork concept, we believe in delivering a full project experience to our clients. It is never a tunnel vision. We always do more than needed. We believe, that every project is part of a larger universe. 

If a client is interested in designing a commercial interior project, we are not only interested in designing the space, but we would always offer a little bit more in order to create a more through story and richer universe. We will think about the smell, the sound, the graphic content, the typography, the clothes and everything else. 


T-Shirt merch design for Quickkonect App was delivered together with an extra graphic package for social media content and website visuals.

080122 - Current design-03.jpg

Custom glass bottle design for Churchill drink was accompanied with a special hoodie merch for drink's sponsored athletes.


Graphic identity for an urban planning event together for TSPA in Berlin. The deliverables consisted of posters, brochures, stickers, social media visuals and website cover

Personal branding project. The portfolio cover can be used as a phone holder. Manual is attached.

- art direction 

- feasibility study 

- contextual research 

- brief development 

- site analysis 

- identifying project's vision and client's values 

- budget management 

- general contracting 

- materials purchase and selection 

- massing / design optioneering 

- computational design 

- furniture design

- architectural design 

- interior design 

- product design